Irrigation System Seasonal Service & Repair

If you are experiencing the unfortunate situation of a leak, broken sprinkler head or a non-functioning clock; with a quick call to our office, we can make you an appointment to have our technicians come out and diagnose, estimate and repair any number of troubles you may have. Our technicians can service your system whether installed by another contractor or us.

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Seasonal Service

We offer seasonal service to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly. We offer Spring Opening and Fall Winterization services. Every Spring & Fall Rockland Lawn Sprinkler sends out reminder postcards to the prior years' customers just in case it has slipped through the cracks through the hustle and bustle of life.

Spring Opening

For our Spring turn opening our technician will not only start your system but he will perform the following tasks to make sure your system is running efficiently:

  • Check for leaks in main line
  • Check rain sensor/wires/wireless battery
  • Go thru all zones
  • Review with homeowner any necessary repairs for cost approval prior to performing any work
  • Check valve box
  • Staple any wires if necessary
  • Clean up around heads
  • Make repairs as needed
  • R&R battery if required
  • Clean off control
  • Ensure all heads are set to irrigate the proper areas
  • Re-set control to homeowner's request

Fall Winterization

Winterization, or Closing, is performed in the fall prior to the ground freezing. Our technician will use an air compressor at carefully calculated settings to remove the water from your system and help prevent damage from breakage from freezing.


We have partnered with a wide-variety of product manufacturers, each carefully selected for quality and reliability.

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